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Is it safe (CERN)

If you believe what the tabloids say the running of The LHC will bring the end of the world the universe and everything. But we all know that the tabloids don’t let the thruth get in the way of a good story.
The main concerns are black hole and playing with the higgs bosum.
The Higgs bosom is a bit mysterious and it is only a theoretical concept. but some theoretical particles are later discovered, like the neutrino which was only invented to make the maths work out.
So we don’t know if the higgs bosum exist or not. The purpose of this project is to verify if they exist on not, but even people like Stephen Hawking doubt if they find them.
The danger of black holes is highly exaggerated. If they do create black holes, and that is unlikely, they will be very small and will last only a fraction of a second. The black holes that people are familia with are made from a star collapsing wile the ones in the LHC are only made from a couple of protons, so their event horizon will be so small that there will be no particals near enough to feed them, so the just die out.
So I think its quit safe, but we will have to wait and see
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Large Hadron Collider

Today (10.09.08) the people at C.E.R.N start running the Large Hadron Collider to further our knowledge of particle physic, also the explain where all the antimatter as gone and explain dark matter and other dimensions.
But the thing that has captured the public imagination is the possible discovery of the Higgs bosum or the God particle
The higgs bosum creates a force that give particles that are near it their mass. so there must be higgs bosums all around, but they have never been detected, just like god, hence the name god particle.
The universe is thought to have been created in a time where there was nothing just void.
Particles have the habit of spontaneous being created and uncreated due to quantum effects, but when that happend near a higgs bosum, the uncreation caused a forced vacuum, which is not allowed. So nothing is devided into  matter and energy, creating the universe and the big bang  

Some people consider it unsafe to mess with particles that are responsible for the creation of the universe, but we don’t know whether a higgs bosum did create the universe or indeed whether they exist. Thats why scientist are egar to find out.
They will be using a project called ALICE to generate very high temperatures simular to when the big bang happend, to answer such questions.
There are many questions to be answerd in the years to come. But the main question will be "Is it safe" lets hope it is
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Saint George

St George
It is unlikely that St George was a dragon slayer but that is what most people think of when they think of St George.
In fact St George was a Roman soldier who was a Christian.
He was born in Turkey in  270 AD and brought up as a Christian. At the age of 17 he joined the Roman army, and served under a pagan Emperor
 It is thought that the Emperor Diocletian sent him on a mission to England, where he heard that the Emperor was persecuting Christians, so he returned to Rome to help his feller Christians.
Emperor Diocletian tried to persuade St George to give up his faith, but he refused and was beheaded on 23 April 303.
In 1222 the Council of Oxford declared April 23 "St George’s day" , and St George replaced Edward the confessor as the patron saint of England.
St Georges flag is a red cross on a white background, which was adopted by Richard the lion heart, in the 12 century.
St George is also the patron saint of Canada, China, Portugal, Russia and Serbia.  
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Yule is celebrated on the 21 December. To celebrate the end of the dark half of the year and a return to the light, and the return of the Oak King, the Sun king the giver of life.
Yule was celebrated by children going from house to house with baskets of fruit, evergreen boughs, wheat stalks and dusted with flour. The fruit represents the sun, the evergreens represents immortality, and the wheat represents the harvest, the flour represents triumph,light,and life.
Holly and mistletoe and ivy  was use to decorate the outside and also the inside to invite the nature sprites in
The Yule log was burnt in the fireplace.
The Yule log must have been either harvested by the householder or given as a gift but not bought.
It was doused in cider or ale, decorated with seasonal greenery, and dusted with flour before being set alight using a bit of last years log.
It must then burn all night and smolder for 12 days
Another type of Yule log is used to hold 3 candles. representing seasons (red green and white) the sun God (green gold and black)and the great Goddess.(white red and black )
The daities of Yule are all the newborn Gods the Sun Gods, Mother Goddess and the Triple Goddess.
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Nibiru is a brown dwarf is orbits the Sun every 3700 earth years but it has a elongated elliptical orbit so it is only observed when it is near the sun which is very rare. just a few days every 3700 years.
A brown dwarf is between a star like the Sun which is a Yellow dwarf and a gas giant like Jupiter, indeed it is thought that the gas giants use to be red or brown dwarfs
A long time ago the ancient Earth was in a orbit further from the sun then it is now. when Nibiru passed through the solar system it knocked Earth nearer to the sun. that is why earth has liquid water on it. if it was where it is now the water would have evaporated in the early days when the sun was hotter.
According to ancient Sumerian mythology people from the planet Annunaki genetically engineered apes to use as slaves. These were early humans.
Annunaki is part of Nibiru’s solar system of 7 planets, as a planet on its own would be too cold to support life when it is in the outer reaches of its elliptical orbit.
The Star of Bethlehem may have been Nibiru and the Angel that impregnated Mary might have been from Annunaki as the year 0 is thought to be the last time Nibiru was observed from earth indeed the 3 wise men could have been astronomies. so Jesus may have been a human /annunakian hybrid. But I am not getting into a religious debate on this I leave it to you to decide.
The next time Nibiru passes through the inner solar system will be in the year 3700 which is the year Nostradamus predicted the end of the world. 
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Halloween was originally called samhain which marked the end of the Celtic year. The new year didn’t start until Yule so the days between were ruled by Samhain lord of darkness and didn’t exist of the earthly plane and the veil between this world and the world of the spirits was at its thinnest.
It was believed that during this time the spirits would return home to their family and Samhain lord of darkness would look for these spirits and take them to his dark world. so some people would put candles out to guide the spirits home.
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